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Delivering Exploration and Development Opportunities During the Transition to Lower Carbon Energy

Key Themes at BEOS 2024

State of the Industry

Shaping Things to Come

Business, Commercial and Financing landscape

Monetising Energy

NOCs / Resource Holders

Technology / Operations

Navigating the Transition

The Future for Exploration Geosciences

Prospects to Go

UK & Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific

26th March 2024

TIME Stream A (Auditorium) TIME Stream B (Room B+C)
8:00-8:30 Halls open - networking 8:00-8:30 Halls open - networking

State of the Industry

Theme Global Opportunities / Prospects to Go

Welcome Keynote 

Adam Law & Ian Sayers

AAPG Europe Past President and GESGB President




Keynote Speaker

TotalEnergies Exploration Journey to Success

Kevin McLachlan, TotalEnergies


Exploration and transition - mutually exclusive or wholly compatible?

Simon Sjothun, Rystad Energy


Bid Rounds in the Energy Transition Era

Dee Patterson, Moyes & Co




The Outlook for High Impact Exploration in 2024 and beyond

 Graeme Bagley, Westwood Global Energy Group


Condor, North Viking Graben – a High Value, Low Carbon, Brent Structural Trap

Richard Martin, Equinor

10:40 -11:00

Guinea Bissau: The case for it being the next Guyana

Ben Sayers, GeoPartners

11:00 -11:10 Young Professionals  11:00 -11:10

Young Professionals 

11:00-11:40 Break - Networking 11:00-11:40 Break - Networking
Theme Commercial and Financing Landscape Theme Technology/Operations

Funding – The World is changing and so we need to change where we look for investors

Andrew Monk, VSA Capital


Surfing the Waves of Time: Exploring Latin America's Passive Margins with an Innovative Sea Level Curve

Douwe van der Meer, CNOOC International

12:10 -13:10



Commercial and Landscape Panel Discussion 

Moderated by Stacey Kivel, McCarthy Denning 



Accelerating exploration in Kwanza Basin, Angola, using a regional post-Stack 3D merge dataset

Marjosbet Uzcategui Salazar, SLB

Steve Jenkins, Viaro Energy 

Jeremy Asher, Tower Resources

Nick Davis, MemeryCrystal

Iek van Cruyningen, Strand Hanson

Glen Penfield-Chicxulub Geosciences


Comparing conjugate margin architecture: Impact on petroleum systems in the Southern South Atlantic.

Neil Hurst, TGS



Beyond RTM – New shot migration in Slowness space 100Hz gathers

Jagat Deo, Seismic Image Processing

13:10-14:10 Lunch 13:10-14:10 Lunch
Theme The Shape Of Things To Come Theme West Africa Innovations and Opportunities

The UKCS: Exploration and the Energy Transition

Rhiannon Jones, NST Authority


Innovations in Deep-Water Sedimentology and Their Impact on Field Development on the Cote d’Ivoire-Ghana Margin

Bryan Cronin, Tullow Oil


How have exploration trends & strategies changed over the decade in the UKCS & NCS?

Alyson Harding and Steve Coomber, Westwood Global Energy Group



Namibia Offshore: Understanding the Active Petroleum System in the Walvis Basin.

Duncan Rushworth, Tower Resources

14:50 - 15:10

Global exploration hotspots, recent major discoveries and the wells to watch in 2024 – with focus on Africa & the South Atlantic 

Mike Cooper, Trove


Constraints on Carbonate Reservoir Development: South Atlantic Margins

Anne McAfee, Core Lab


The Future of International E&P in a Realistic Global Transition: Do the numbers add up?

Mike Lakin, Envoi


Chasing Upper Cretaceous Plays of the Tano Basin, Eastern Cote d’Ivoire

 Justine Tinker, Tullow Oil


Break - Networking 15:40-16:20 Break - Networking
Theme Changing Mindsets (panel discussion)  Theme International Opportunities / Prospects to Go

16:00 - 16:20

What the recent wells tell us about Gambian Prospects

Jerreh Barrow, Gambian Petroleum Commission 


Moderated by Ceylan Gomez, Serica Energy

Joe Court, Onward

Rachel Gavey, Sustain:able 

Andrew Hockey, Engineering Construction Industry Training Board

Yasmin Ali - RWE


Venus and beyond…. What are the limits of the SANAM Superbasin?

Edward Prescott, Impact Oil & Gas



Farmin Opportunities – Deepwater Gulf of Guinea

Philip Dimmock, Oando Energy Resources


Trinidad & Tobago Shallow Water Competitive Bidding Round 2023-2024

Penelope Bradshaw-Niles, Permanent Secretary, Ministry Energy & Energy Industries


Onshore Morocco:  Promising Exploration Opportunities for Oil & Gas

Karima Guernouche, MOROCCO – ONHYM


17:40-20:00 SOCIAL EVENT

27th March 2024


TIME Stream A2 (Auditorium) TIME Stream B2 (Room B+C)
08:00-08:30 Halls open - networking 08:00-08:30 Halls open - networking
Theme International Farmout Hustle/ Prospects to Go Theme UK Focused Farmout Hustle

Life after Cinnamon, Lower Jurassic clastic prospectivity offshore Morocco

Gavin Elliott, Genel Energy


International Energy Opportunities for Industry Participation

Mike Lakin, Envoi

9:15 9:30

High-impact Global Opportunities

Ian Cross: Moyes & Co 


Screening existing play fairways for missed opportunities using AVO inversion: examples from the North Sea and Atlantic margin.

David Went, TGS


Infrastructure led gas exploration in Ireland and Equatorial Guinea, helping supply much needed gas to the European market" - block FEL 4/19 in Ireland and EG-08 in Equatorial Guinea.

Jamie White, Europa Oil



From Orchard to Energy Harvest: Exploring the Sweet Promise of Gas on the Mid North Sea High and the Dabinett Prospect.

Peter Browning-Stamp, Horizon Energy Global Corporation


Enlightened Prospecting in West Africa

Peter Elliott, PVE Consulting


Cracking the code: Exploring for Buzzard analogues with new technology

Shane Westlake, Finder Energy



Farm-in Opportunity, Large Gas Field, Onshore Republic of Georgia

Phil Dimmock, Block Energy PLC


How the Willesden oilfield in North London was found and how it was forgotten

Graham Dean, Burgate Exploration 


Harvester Energy – using Pivotree to create a low cost single well oil development for recent UK North Sea 33rd awards 29/7-1 and 22/12-10 Tertiary age sand oil discoveries

Stephen Molyneux, Harvester Energy-Pivotree 


West of Shetland Gas – chasing the remaining giants on the UKCS

Colin Percival, Athena


East Sadak Lease Farm-in Opportunity in SE Anatolia, Türkiye

Emrah Can, Aladdin Middle East

10:30 - 10:45

Dewar – An AVO supported UK CNS Forties Channel Prospect.

Tom Cafferkey, Deltic


Uruguay Atlantic Margin – Opportunity for a Shelf Margin Play Opener

Randolph Hiscock, Challenger Energy Ltd


 CCS assessment and Near field exploration: a UK Southern North Sea dual-purpose reprocessing case study

Cyrille Reiser, PGS

11:00-11:40 Break - Networking  11:00-11:40 Break - Networking
Theme Monetizing Energy   World Hotspots

Iek van Cruyningen, Strand Hanson



The Hydrocarbon Potential of the underexplored Cretaceous Plays Offshore the Moroccan Atlantic

Gal Hartman, Ratio Energy


UKCS New Regulatory Regime:

Interview with co-authors and solicitors, Judith Alderney Williams & Valerie Allan of CMS on their new book, “Maximising Economic Recovery: A New Approach to Regulating the UK’s Offshore Oil and Gas Industry”


The application of outcrop studies to unravelling the hydrocarbon potential of the frontier Sohar Basin Offshore Oman.

Dr Andrew Racey, Consultant


Net Zero Delusions & The Need for More Investment - The Transition Could Take Longer, Let’s Invest Smartly in Cleaner Oil & Gas & the Sweet Spots.

Roy Kelly, Trans-Africa Energy Ltd


A Walk Through Finder's Farmout Portfolio

Damon Neaves, Finder Energy


Gas Developments in Africa and the Energy Transition 

David Peel, Representing New Age 

12:40 - 13:00

Offshore Timor-Leste: Chuditch Field, at the heart of a prolific Asia Pacific gas development fairway

Colin Murray, SundaGas

13:10-14:10 Lunch  13:10-14:10 Lunch
Theme Hydrogen   New Technologies

Global sweet-spotting for Natural Hydrogen

Max Brouwers, Getech


Leveraging the Potential of a Carbon Storage Project Through Effective Communication

Andrew Moore, ERCE


Delivering Europe’s first natural hydrogen project in Aragón, Spain, and expanding activities across the EU.

Ian Munro, Helios Aragon



How on-demand access to global expertise can accelerate the energy transition through secure digital collaboration platforms

Joe Court, Onward



Natural Hydrogen – a Review of Habitats, Subsurface Systems and Exploration Potential: An ophiolite case study in Ras Al Khaimah

Richard Heath, Natural Hydrogen Consultants Limited

14:50 - 15:10

UK Underexplored Blocks and Low Environmental Impact Airborne Geophysics & Advanced Seep Detection

Glen Penfield-Chicxulub Geosciences


Regenerative Carbon-negative Oil, Gas, and Hydrogen in Africa - A New Vision of Major African Plays

Patrick Portolano, EOSYS


The Geothermal Toolbox - A Fresh Approach

Andy Wood, Primeval Energy Ltd

15:40-16:20 Break - Networking  15:40-16:20 Break - Networking
Theme Caribbean, North & South America / Prospects to Go  Theme Prospect & Core Studies Session
16:20 - 16:40  

The Upgraded Potential of Offshore Suriname & Shallow Offshore (SHO2) Bid Round Update

Mike Lakin, ENVOI

16:20 - 16:40  

Mozambique Upstream Potential Opportunities

Rudencio Morais, ENH
 16:40 - 17:00

The East October Prospect – Stacked high potential oil targets in the northern Gulf of Suez with short tie-back to operated infrastructure.

Merlin Energy


Colombia, Venezuela And Guyana, Latest Geopolitical And O&G Market Updates

Andres Mesa, Consultant

 17:00 - 17:40

The Evolution of Core Studies In The Revolution of Exploration and Development Models 

Henk Kombrink, GEOExpro

Melissa Johansson, Geode-Energy


ANCAP Update of Energy Transition Projects in Uruguay 

Cecilia Romeu, Energy Transition  


Newfoundland & Labrador Energy Update

Jovan Petrovic, Newfoundland & Labrador, Dept Industry, Energy & Technology